Art Work of the Day, by CERN

Short post to mark what I hope will prove a truly historic day (and to offer my sympathies to my American friends: ‘#Higgs’ is trending higher than ‘Happy 4th of July’; couldn’t CERN have made the announcement yesterday? Or tomorrow? PARTY-POOPERS!!)

Beyond the Standard Model: Simulated Large Hadron Collider CMS particle detector data depicting a Higgs boson. Beautiful.

Just to re-iterate: There is NO DICHOTOMY between ‘Art’ and ‘Science’. It is not one vs. the other, and never was.
Both are simply aspects of human creativity.
‘Science’ demands imagination, intuition. Otherwise, it goes nowhere.
‘Art’ demands method and rigour. Otherwise, it’s a mess.

Both help us see the ‘world’ in revelatory, thrilling ways.
Einstein and Euripides; Picasso and Pythagoras; Caravaggio and Copernicus: Dirac and Dickens; Beckett and Bohr; van Gogh, Goethe, Shakespeare…
All extraordinary, all blessed with the capacity to imagine the, for the rest of us, unimaginable.

(And if you think that the ‘aesthetics’ of science, how it’s presented, don’t matter, witness the Twitter brouhaha over CERN’s use of Comic Sans:


“Without fantasy there is no science. Without fact there is no art.” – Vladimir Nabokov

‘Art’ and ‘science’, cut from the same cloth: us.

Happy Higgs Boson Day!!

(To all my American friends, lest you’re not feeling the love:



The first poem published in a scientific journal:

You can now LISTEN to the Higgs boson!!

8 thoughts on “Art Work of the Day, by CERN

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  2. “There is NO DICHOTOMY between ‘Art’ and ‘Science’.” Really well phrased.
    I personally was quite disappointed with the lack of, at least American, fanfare for the Higgs, at least from my perspective. Over 2000 American scientists were involved in the discovery at CERN and people are making it out to be Europe Vs. America. But what’s more American than anti-intellectualism, jingoism, and chinese-made flags and fireworks? Perhaps it was fitting after all.

    • haha You do realise, don’t you, that folk like you are starting to give Americans a good name?
      There wasn’t that much hoo-ha over here, considering, you know, Newton! Einstein! HIGGS!!
      I actually shed a tear. Exciting, (now even more) unpredictable) times!

      • Why thank you, I’ll take the compliment, even if I am 1 in 300,000,000. I suppose it’s the helpful delusion I buy into though, even if I don’t always believe it, that we can all make a difference. It’s the last bastion of hope for humanity, whether we can actually affect change, and the internet is enabling us. I hope we can learn to let go of manufactured, (in)Human, quibbles and create an empathic human nation before it’s too late.

        Keep up the great work Glennie!

        • What a great film!! It fills me with hope – i think we’re already seeing a paradigm shift in attitudes here, certainly as regards classical ‘me first’ capitalism, with all these shyster bankers being finally brought to book, share-holder rebellions and such. All impossible without the internet which has allowed us to voice our common disgust, and made us, the people, unignorable. If only we can take that extra step and truly begin to think globally.
          Power to the people! Go the internet!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog – this is just the sort of art/science I love. And your writing/knowledge is brilliant. Thanks.

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