Creativity and Survival

As ever, a thoughtful and thought-provoking piece from Michael. And clearly written. Important, that.

Creative Ideas for Starving Artists

Every now and then, you read something that challenges your assumptions and makes you rethink your beliefs.  This article was one case in point: .

What struck me about this article, which dates back to 1991, was that it lays bare some myths about education, which we have come to believe as fact.  I know I accepted these myths without question at face value, too, but there are some good refutations in the article against them.

It got me thinking about the relationship between art education, creativity and what it might mean for our ultimate survival.

What are these myths about education?

1.  Ignorance is a solvable problemThat this was a myth was a startling assertion, to me.  I had always thought that ignorance was a temporary problem, easily solved by a little more willingness to learn and a bit more teaching.  In fact, that view implies…

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